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Why 1300Inflate

industrial inflatable product prototyping


    The entire 1300Inflate team is relentless in our endeavor to enrich our clients with reliable products and impeccable service levels.

    With experience comes versatility. With success we build trust.

    We are recognized as Australia’s most trusted name in the industrial inflatable neighborhood. For more than 24 years we have been offering advice, reliable designs, and dependable service. We have completed successful projects across a range of industries for the largest corporates and creative industry shakers, and world-recognized institutions both in Australia and internationally.

    Solid reasons to choose 1300Inflate for your project

    Whether you need a blasting shelter, duct balloon, or prototype Inflatable, we have the experience and highly motivated team working together to offer you the best possible solution. Our promise to you is for an exceptional level of service from your inquiry through our collaborative design process and from our Quality control cycle all the way to your on-site experience. Every job we undertake is a journey with you, not an event.

    Listen and Ideate

    Our designers and product specialists understand that each client has specific and unique needs. Our experienced staff is trained to listen first, ask questions after, summarize our understanding, share our vision, and ideate with you. This ensures that the product that is produced is exactly what you expected

    Design and Engineering

    The goals we set ourselves to meet your high standards mean that we need to have oversight at each step of the process. This ensures that the quality and delivery of our services or products lead to an exceptional level of customer satisfaction. That is of paramount importance to our team.

    Your Projects Oversite

    You will never feel unsure of who to contact for your project. An experienced account manager or product specialist will be your point of contact with knowledge of your project or order and will be there to answer our questions right through the entire cycle.

    Materials We Use

    We use the best materials available and source only trusted products because we never compromise on our quality and safety.

    Our Partners

    We understand that we cannot know it all and may require advice. Our selection of trusted partners is chosen because they share our ideals of quality and customer service and have each cemented their expertise.

    Quality Control and Delivery

    No product ever leaves any factory without going through our QC system. Each is checked to specification and tested over time. We have over 24 years of learning and developing systems and controls that ensure that any of the products that leave our partner’s factory meet expectations fully. They will operate as expected and leave on time as promised.

    Backup and Service

    Our entire team from account managers and product specialists, to our designers, technicians’ operators, and dispatch personnel all understand that a project or order is not an event, it’s an entire journey with our clients. That ensures that whatever your need we are there for you in support of the products or services we have supplied any day of the week.

    Services We Offer

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