1300Inflate offer advice, technical information and design services for inflatable industrial products. The inflatable and pneumatic systems we advise on are all based on tried and tested technologies that improve workflow and save costs over conventional systems. 

We provide a consultancy service for a broad range of industrial applications using cutting edge inflatable technologies and systems. We work towards solving complex industrial operational issues using simple and effective inflatable and pneumatic solutions We have a proven track record of ideating with our clients to find workable solutions that reduce costs, time and labour while guaranteeing maximized return on investment.

1300Inflate consultancy services is Australia’s only engineering consultancy for Inflatable Industrial products. Our solutions aim to replace the conventional with the extraordinary. Our industrial inflatable solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and controls.

 We are here to help as your local industrial inflatables solutions specialist.






We offer advice on all aspect of inflatable products from the materials, inflation methods, suitable inflatable technologies, and best practices. 

General Advice Topics:

  • Ensuring the reliability of your inflatable. 
  • Inflatable structures Vs Rigid Structures

  • Industry Standards and Material Compliances

  • Inflation System options and suitability  

Design and Product Development

Design and Product Development

We will collaboratively analyse your product to offer designs solutions tailored to your manufacturing budget.


Our Collaborative Design Process in 5 Steps:

  • Understanding your business and challenges

  • Defining the problem 

  • Ideating

  • Solution concept

  • Design and specification


1300Inflate has brought together a very experienced multidisciplinary team of professional designers and engineers. They will work with you to develop ideas into fully functional products, ready for manufacturing. We have a refined interactive and collaborative design process which is proven to lead the team to cost-effective workable solutions.

Process Analysis

Process Analysis

Process analysis is the action of undertaking an in-depth breakdown and review as well as gaining an understanding of industrial processes. Typically, this analysis will lead to safety, cost, or reliability improvements. Often this analysis will feed ideas for the development of a new product or system.

5 Common Subjects Analysed Throughout a Process analysis:

  • The primary objective of the undertaken process

  • Fundamental Constraints

  • Critical and essential stages in a process lifecycle

  • Workforce and Safety Requirements

  • Time and Motion Studies

Concept Development & Realisation.jpg

Concept Development and Realisation

From “matchstick ideas” to developed concepts, we can make that clear and presentable.

Our experienced team of talented designers, visual artists and engineers, assist our clients in developing and experiencing their ideas and concepts realistically. We conduct this in a way that is simple, very visual and presentable. With a wealth of experience across many industries and disciplines our well-tested and systematic approach, allows us to assist our clients in drawing out the essence of their ideas, making them graphically rich, presentable, and suitable for anybody to understand.

3D CAD Drafting.jpg

3D CAD Drafting

We translate your ideas and drawings into easy to understand and visualize 2D or 3D models or drawings.

 5 Common Uses for 3D Drawings:

  • 3D printing

  • Patent applications

  • Idea sharing and modelling

  • Costing and analysis

  • Design stressing


At 1300inflate we can work natively on CAD models in Rhino, Solidworks, Maya, Blender and Alias. Our team has a wealth of experience with both NURBS and Polygon CAD modelling, 1300Inflate can work with almost every digital filetype and create CAD models for any application.

Presentation Drawings.jpg

Presentation Drawings

Drawing, Diagrams and Rendered images make a presentation or pitch clear and easily understood by all stakeholders.

4 Common Presentations we Produce:

  • Pitch Decks for funding

  • Idea Presentations for teams

  • Flowcharting for Process Analysis

  • Instructions and Manuals


Our team have experience in communicating ideas and concepts to ensure stakeholders get a clear and concise picture of the product or concept presented. You tell us what format or file type you require, and we will gladly ensure that we meet your requirement.

Product Sourcing.jpg

Product Sourcing

Product sourcing is initiated once an industrial inflatable product design or specifications have been produced.

 5 Common Inflatable Products we Source:

  • Inflatable Plugging and Blocking products
  • Inflatable Enclosures and Encapsulating Shelters

  • Inflatable products that meet specific criteria

  • Inflatable lifting and Salvage Bags

  • Inflation Systems

1300Inflate has an extensive network of international partners with whom we have worked with to produce and secure inflatable products. We have fronted for our clients for over our 22 years of service in the industry. We also undertake to ensure that what we specify, or All specifications and designs are made in accordance with prefaced standards and budget allowance.

Risk Management.jpg

Risk Management

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing, and controlling threats when using inflatable products in an industrial setting.

5 Common Steps of the Risk Management Process:

  • Identify potential risks in relation to the product or process

  • Analyse potential Risk through studying the process's steps

  • Risk evaluations and Ranking

  • Risk termination through industry-standard compliance 

  • Risk Monitoring and Review ensuring quick identifications of potential threats or failures. 


With extensive work undertaken on-site and with a diverse range of products, we are acutely aware of the costs to life limb and the severe financial threat that failure can lead to. Our experienced team will work with our clients, sharing our experiences to minimise and control any risk factors identified in our analysis. We work to assist your organisation in developing an easy way to communicate and enforce a set of safety controls.

Regulation & Compliance.jpg

Certification Services

Every inflatable product needs to meet Australian Industry standards to operate safely. 


5 Common Certifications we Undertake to Meet Regulatory Requirements for Inflatable Products:

  • Design compliance certificates

  • Material compliance specification certificates

  • Finite element analysis [FEA] 

  • Wind Loading, Ballasting and Weighting requirements

  • Public liability [PL] insurance for inflatable products


The team at 1300Inflate are all well versed in the regulatory requirements for the operation of inflatable products. We have valued partners who are all experienced in their sphere of expertise and partner with us to undertake full compliance to operate safely. As well as maintaining safety, this service also leads to clear understandings for cost-effective insurance purposes.



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