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Aircraft Workshop

inflatable shelters for aviation and aircraft maintenance


    Inflatable aircraft maintenance shelters are used to provide a temporary, secure, and weatherproof workspace for aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations. They are also used for aviation related events. These shelters are designed to be lightweight, easy to set up and transport, and can be inflated in a matter of minutes. They have many and applications within the aerospace industry.

    The simple designs are tailored to each aircraft type to ensure a perfect fit. These custom workshops enable repairs servicing and maintenance to be undertaken in controlled cleanroom conditions anywhere where conventional hangers and workshops are not available.

    Common uses of inflatable shelters and workshops used in the Aerospace industry: –

    • Aircraft maintenance and repair: Inflatable aircraft shelters can provide a secure and protected environment for aircraft maintenance and repair operations, allowing for work to be carried out regardless of weather conditions. These include:-
    • Repairs composite aircraft body parts while on the tarmac
    • Aircraft engine changes
    • General engine maintenance
    • Landing gear and undercarriage maintenance and repairs
    • Windscreen and window repairs
    • Propeller maintenance
    • Aircraft storage: Inflatable shelters are used to store light aircraft and helicopters when not in use. They protect the aircraft from the elements, such as rain, wind, and sun, which can cause damage to the exterior and interior of the aircraft.
    • Training: Inflatable aviation workshops can be used for temporary briefing rooms for pilots, aircraft mechanics and engineers, and other aviation personnel.
    • Aviation events: Inflatable aviation workshops and shelters can be used as temporary exhibition spaces or hospitality suites for aviation events, such as air shows and conferences. These workshops can be customized to showcase equipment, and other aviation-related products and services.