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industrial inflatable product certification


    Certification that the product we design or have produced is fit for purpose, is an important aspect of ensuring the safety and reliability of inflatable equipment in various settings. At 1300inflate, we understand the importance of certifying inflatable products to ensure their safety, compliance with industry standards, and to provide peace of mind for customers.

    Here are the steps we take to certify our inflatable products:

    • Product Testing: All our inflatable products undergo thorough testing to ensure they meet the necessary safety standards and regulations. This includes testing for strength, stability, and durability, as well as compliance with local and international safety regulations.
    • Compliance with Standards: Our inflatable products are designed and manufactured in accordance with industry standards such as Australian Standard AS3533.4.1 – 2013, ensuring they are safe and reliable for use.
    • Regular Inspections: We can perform regular inspections of your inflatable products to ensure they continue to meet the necessary safety standards and regulations. This includes inspecting for any damage or wear and tear and conducting regular maintenance to keep the equipment in good condition.
    • Certification: Our inflatable products are certified by practicing engineers and reputable testing facilities that ensure they adhere to international standards and are fit for the purpose they are intended.

    The team at 1300Inflate are all well versed in the regulatory requirements for the operation of inflatable products. We have valued partners who are all experienced in their sphere of expertise and partner with us to undertake full compliance to operate safely. As well as maintaining safety, this service also leads to a clear understanding of cost-effective insurance purposes.

    5 Common Certifications we undertake to meet Regulatory Requirements for Inflatable Products:

    • Design compliance certificates.
    • Material compliance specification certificates.
    • Finite element analysis [FEA].
    • Wind Loading, Ballasting, and Weighting requirements with engineering calculations.
    • Public liability [PL] insurance for inflatable products.

    At 1300inflate, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, certified inflatable products that meet the necessary safety standards and regulations. Our inflatable certification process ensures that our products are safe, reliable, and comply with industry standards, giving our customers peace of mind.