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About 1300Inflate

industrial inflatable product prototyping



    For technical information and design services and inflatable products.

    What we design:

    • Inflatable Abrasive Blasting shelters, Workshops and Shelters for encapsulation.
    • Inflatable Plugging and Isolation solutions for ducting and piping.
    • Bespoke solutions for diverse industrial applications.

    1300Inflate consultancy services is Australia’s only engineering consultancy for Inflatable Industrial products. Our solutions aim to replace the conventional with the extraordinary. Our industrial inflatable solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and controls.

    With 26 years in the game,1300Inflate offers advice, design, manufacturing, and Installation services for inflatable industrial products like blasting booth and shelters, and technical information, The inflatable and pneumatic systems we advise on are all based on tried and tested technologies that improve workflow and save costs over conventional systems.

    With safe operation, compliance, and responsible engineering practices as fundamental principles, we provide a consultancy service for a broad range of custom industrial inflatable applications using cutting-edge inflatable technologies and systems. We work towards solving complex industrial operational issues using simple and effective inflatable and pneumatic solutions We have a proven track record of ideating with our clients to find workable solutions that reduce costs, time, and labor while guaranteeing maximized return on investment.

    Our History

    1300inflate was created to share our many years of experience in designing and making inflatables in Australia working for Giant Inflatables. Over the years I recognized that my vast industrial background allowed me to understand the needs and recognize opportunities to improve workflows and efficiencies by replacing conventional with inflatable products. That was the beginning of Giant Inflatables Industrial.

    Over the next 14 years, Giant Inflatables Industrial grew to become a major supplier of Inflatable blasting booths, inflatable pipe and duct plugs, and personnel fall arrest and soft-landing systems. This success attracted clients who needed special inflatable and pneumatic products and systems designed for their needs.

    It soon became clear that there was no service in the industry to guide, and offer advice to people thinking about products that had all the fine attributes of inflatables in industrial settings. To satisfy that need we created our new service which is now 1300Inflate.com.au

    Design Strategy
    We utilize collaborative ideation with our clients to achieve surprizing outcomes.

    1300Inflate has brought together a very experienced multidisciplinary team of professional designers and engineers. They will work with you to develop ideas into fully functional products, ready for manufacturing and Installation. We have a refined interactive and collaborative design process which is proven to lead the team to cost-effective workable solutions

    Implementation Cycle
    We supply concise drawings with detailed specifications.

    After a design is signed off, we will deliver a summary of the design with ready for production specifications. During this phase we ensure that your team is adequality equipped to implement the solution. This ensures that the price of your product includes all you require for safe and compliant operation.

    Quality Safety and Compliance

    We adhere strictly to all Australia standards for materials and procedures.

    We have strict documentation and QC procedures, for ensuring the product is made as specified and is checked and tested before leaving our factory.
    With over 26 years of multi-industry experience, we understand that every situation has its specific needs for compliance and certification. We work with your team to ensure that we have that covered with no surprises. We freely admit that we don’t know everything and when required have a vast and experienced network of consultants with whom we work.
    After Sales Services

    After a sale we become your partner.

    We believe that the delivery of your product is not and event but a continual journey. Our team is available 24/7 to offer support and advise repairs and service. We will continually check in to ensure that you are happy with the performance and when required will offer updates and even retrofits where requested.