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To move the harvesting equipment between clients and to different vineyards, they must decontaminate the harvester. This requires the transport of the harvester back to their premises to be decontaminated by heat sterilization before the harvester can perform operationally again. The sterilization process prevents the cross-contamination of diseases and insects by the harvester between the vineyards. The entire harvester is required to be heated to 46°C for at least 6 hours back at TVS’ premises in a controlled temperature heat shed. The transportation costs are very expensive back to base and then again on to another vineyard. This causes downtimes for the harvester and transportation expenses back and forth. TVS searched for an inflatable workshop and found shelters created by Giant Inflatable Industrial. The brief was for a temporary, portable “Heat Shelter” to sanitise the equipment. Due to the size of the Harvester, the sterilization shelter was required to be 5m W x 8m L x 5m H. The sterilization room had to maintain the heat overnight for at least 6 hours to ensure the sterilization process. Temperatures at night declined dramatically as the region is a cold grape growing region. A fluctuation or drop in temperature can compromise the sterilization.


TVS is a viticultural services company which adopts innovative harvesting technology and provides
vineyard management services creating eciencies and economic benets for vineyards in the region. Small vineyards cannot afford large expensive machinery to harvest grapes. They have to resort to hand picking. TVS provides a whole harvesting solution to small vineyards. Their services are cost-effective and include the provision of massive, ecient harvesting equipment to harvest the grapes at a much lower cost than hand picking.


The Solution

Giant Industrial Inflatables Design & Engineering Team created an industrial-grade, insulated, fully
sealed and encapsulated Sterilization Shelter which was easy to set up, pack up, heat to a required
temperature and maintain the temperature for an extended period. Insulated, heat resistant ducts were designed to cater for jet heaters and further heating systems. The entire shelter was encapsulated to prevent heat from escaping through the floor and door and prevent drafts coming in through any openings. Our Design & Engineering team offered optional extras like aerogel insulating blankets and a double-walled Aircell insulating construction. However, no additional extras were required as the original the design was so ecient. A further design specification, due to the massive size of the harvesters was a door that could be lifted completely out of the way for maximum clearance for the harvesting machine. Due to the height of the sterilization shelter, this had to be operated by a pully system which was easily overcome with a simple rope design.

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The Results

With an initial investment of $17,000, they managed to avoid ongoing transporting costs and downtimes, they obtained a product which outperformed their existing heat sterilization room in terms of constant temperature maintenance was portable and temporary and easy to set up, pack down and store. All requirements were met, and the product outperformed their existing methodology in costs, time and performance.

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