Queensland Government Air

The Background

QGAir provides life-saving support aviation services to the residents of Queensland. For this project, a temporary blast booth was used inside the company’s existing hangar. The design effectively made use of the space and ensured the highest level of safety.

Air Rescue
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The Challenges

To accommodate their new Air Rescue helicopter, QGAir required a blasting shelter.
The four challenges posed:

  • A temporary encapsulating blast shelter was required. This would allow QGAir to undergo blasting operations in its warehouse and subsequently remove the shelter once all work was finalised.  

  • All blasting was to occur within the hangar, while all blasting material was to be contained within the temporary inflatable shelter. This containment of debris ensured that the hangar always remained clean and dust-free – thereby preventing the other Air Rescue equipment, components and electronics from contamination.

  • The blast shelter had to be soundproof.

  • All dust and contaminants were to be contained in a reusable, recycle-friendly system.

The Solution

1300Inflate developed an industrial-grade inflatable and temporary blasting shelter that could be set up and packed down in just several minutes. This was time and cost-effective, saving GQAir thousands of dollars. The shelter acts as a temporary blast space – it can be quickly packed up, deflated onto a pallet and rapidly redeployed when needed. Dust and pollutants would inevitably arise from blasting within the hangar, so 1300Inflate designed a fully sealed inflatable shelter with an air filtration system to ensure containment. This system allowed all dust and blast materials to be safely captured in a reusable bag that could be recycled, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the hangar. Powered blasting apparatuses are extremely loud, so noise attenuation was imperative in order to comply with workplace OH&S requirements in this confined space. 1300Inflate included an internal skin in order to reduce the noise.

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The Results

1300Inflate designed a plan that matched QCAir’s specifications and closely supervised the plans before sending it off to the manufacturers. The temporary encapsulating inflatable shelter operated within the company’s workspace, saving time, labour and expenses. This solved issues that would otherwise arise with traditional encapsulation scaffolding or a solid structure internal build.