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Concept & Product Development

inflatable product concept and development


    Our team of designers and engineers have the experience needed to develop your ideas, and turn them into products based on tried and tested technologies. 

    Inflatable product concept and product development is a step by step process and concludes with  the creation of new inflatable products to meet specific outcomes and requirements.

    Steps in Inflatable Product Concept and Product Development:

    • Conceptualization: The first step in inflatable product development is to conceptualize the product, including its purpose, use case, design, and specifications.
    • Design: The next step is to design the inflatable product, including its shape, size, and materials. This stage often involves computer-aided design (CAD) software to create detailed technical drawings.
    • Prototype: A prototype of the inflatable product is then created to test its design, functionality, and durability.
    • Testing: The prototype is then tested for quality, safety, and performance to ensure that it meets the desired specifications.
    • Manufacturing: If the prototype passes the testing phase, the product is then manufactured using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art production techniques.
    • Use: The final step is to create a set of guides and instructions for its use. We also undertake demonstrations and staff training.

    Advantages of Inflatable Product Development:

    • Efficiency : By developing an inflatable product that replaces an expensive or labour intensive operation leads to cost savings.
    • Customization: Inflatable products can be redesigned and improved to streamline existing operations. Customization can include size modifications, material changes and inflation methods to match updated or specific requirements.
    • Durability: Developing a new inflatable product from the ground up or changing the materials or production methods can lead to added longevity.
    • Cost-effectiveness: Developing a new product that is tailored specifically to fulfil the required function always leads to cost savings.
    • Versatility: Inflatable products can be used for a wide range of purposes, including; military, first response and industrial applications.

    Inflatable Engineering Applications:

    • Advertising: Inflatable structures are used for advertising, including inflatable arches, balloons, and product replicas.
    • Entertainment: Inflatable structures are used for entertainment purposes, including inflatable bouncy castles, slides, and obstacle courses.
    • Architecture: Inflatable structures are used for architectural purposes, including inflatable tents, domes, and roofs.
    • Military: Inflatable structures are used for military purposes, including inflatable shelters, bridges, and storage tanks.
    • Industrial: Inflatable structures are used for industrial purposes, including inflatable dams, cofferdams, and liners.

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