Power Generation

Power plants rely on turbines to generate their power. These turbines need to undergo planned maintenance, approximately every six years. This usually consists of hundreds of personal and weeks of down time. During this time, turbines are completely disassembled, cleaned, tested and reassembled. One of the most critical parts of this maintenance is the cleaning of the turbine, which is done via abrasive blasting. This can be extremely costly and conventional methods of blasting containment are inefficient and time consuming. 1300 inflate specializes in saving you time and money in your Turbine maintenance operations.



Constructing a new mining site or performing maintenance is a mammoth task in anyone’s book.  Ground must be dug, walls reinforced, and big machinery used, stored, cleaned, repaired. Such jobs cannot afford to be obstructed by weather.  Time is money and stopping is very costly. 1300 Inflate specialises in saving time and money in your mining endeavours with its state-of-the-art solutions helping you work through rain or shine.



Sterilisation and maintenance on agricultural equipment is a common, expensive and tedious requirement in the agriculture industry. Machinery that is used on multiple sites is generally required to be sterilised when moving to new sites and locations. This often means the machine needs to be taken back to a central sterilisation depot despite some sites being close to each other. This is very costly and time consuming, when ideally machines could be sterilised on site. 1300 inflate and their specialised team have years of experience and have revolutionised the on-site sterilization, changing the way your company operates within the agricultural industry, saving you time, money and frustration.



With almost all industries needing pipes, plumbing and sewers maintained at some point in their operations, plumbing maintenance is one of the most common area’s 1300 inflate saves its clients time and money. Dealing with isolation and pressure often needs specialised methods and equipment which can be costly and take time. Let 1300 inflate save you time and money in your next plumbing or Civic maintenance project.

Drain Blocking Plug
Drain Blocking Plug

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Wivenhoe Dam Spherical Isolation Plug
Wivenhoe Dam Spherical Isolation Plug

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Pipeline Maintenance Plug
Pipeline Maintenance Plug

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Drain Blocking Plug
Drain Blocking Plug

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Infrastructure Development

No matter what the development 1300 inflate has innovative and specialised solutions to ensure you and your team work in an efficient, safe manner. Saving you time and money in infrastructure and development means larger profits and less time on the job.



Regular aircraft maintenance is a must for any owner or operator of aviation equipment. No matter what the weather or location, maintenance is required.  Location, terrain and aircraft specifications all play a huge factor in maintenance costs, time and requirements. With over 20 years of industry experience 1300 inflate has the expertise to analyse and recommend measures to reduce resources and time spent on your aircraft and aviation equipment maintenance.


Emergency Response

Requiring rapidly deployable infrastructure for medical applications, 1300 Inflate have the perfect solution ranging from a small aide station at a community event to a complete field hospital following a natural disaster.  The exceptionally fast and simple auto-deployment process is inherently safe and requires minimal personnel and effort, preservingthe medical staff for what they do best – attending to patients and triage.


Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting creates an enormous amount of pollutants as particles of the blasting medium are projected. In an effort to contain the blasting material, the process must be completed in an enclosed space. Traditionally scaffolding would be erected and wrapped to create an enclosed environment to blast in. This method requires 2-3 days just for set-up and can cost between 7-10 thousand dollars. Many companies have begun to consider alternative methods of containing their abrasive blasting to reduce the time required to erect their blasting enclosure and reduce the ongoing cost of such blasting enclosures. Giant Inflatables Industrial has advanced methods for reducing these times and costs and has helped word leaders such as Siemens and Origin Energy do just that. 


Non Destrucive Testing

Non-destructive testing methods are routinely applied in industries where a failure of a component would cause significant hazard or economic loss, such as in turbine generated power plants, etc. Where NDT uses the fluorescent or coloured dye method, the NDT is required to be undertaken in a very dark enclosure to ensure the dye can be detected. It is in these situations where on-site testing to check the component parts of massive machinery like a turbine is critical to save costs and prevent catastrophic failures.

To perform NDT on site, a temporary shelter is required to isolate either light or sound or other interference. Giant Inflatables Industrial can provide all the requirements needed to conduct NDT on site with over 20 years’ experience in the field.


Flood Protection

Damage to land and property due to major flood damage is a regular occurrence in specific parts of the world. Inflatable Flood Barriers reduce the risk and decrease the damage while increasing the protection from flooding.  The time taken to respond to natural disasters like flooding using conventional methods is never enough to prevent the damage or to clean up the devastation.  The innovative, inflatable Flood Barriers are easy and quick to set up, do not cause environmental issues like disposing of sand bags, are easily repairable in all weather conditions.



Turbine & Power Generation Plant Maintenance

Power generating plants need constant maintenance of Turbines, Filter Systems and Dampers.

 Standard Products we Design and Specify:

  • Inflatable blasting Shelters

  • Portable blasting booths

  • Temporary encapsulating structures

  • Duct balloons and Duct Cushions for power plant filtration systems.

  • Temporary workshops


We offer Advice and Design for temporary Booths and shelters used for Grit blasting and inflatable Encapsulation Systems for Abrasive blasting of Turbine veins, plant, and machinery.

 Turbines need to undergo constant planned maintenance. During this time, turbines are completely disassembled, cleaned, resurfaced tested and reassembled. One of the most critical operations is the cleaning of the turbine, which is done via abrasive blasting. Such operations can be extremely costly, and conventional methods of blasting containment are inefficient and take time.

Efficient Filtration for power generation plant and systems is critical to avoid the environmental impact of contamination and emissions. When maintaining the performance of gas-fired turbines or preventing the discharge of fly ash from the chimneys of coal or other sources of solid fuels, timely maintenance requires the safe isolation of ducting from working lines.
The expert team at 1300Inflate specializes in saving you time and money in your turbine maintenance operations.

Pipe, Sewer & Storm Water Maintenance

Sewer pipes, fluid transfer pipes and Stormwater Drains all need to be plugged or isolated for maintenance, testing and environmental contamination control.


Common Plumbing Maintenance Problems We Address

  • Plugging of pipes and pipelines for pressure testing

  • Isolation of pipes and culverts during maintenance

  • Blocking of pipes for valve replacement

  • Blocking Stormwater drains against chemical spills and water run-off pollution

With pipes & sewer maintenance required in all industries, at some point in their operations, we have the experience to supply and design the most effective blocking devices. We understand the constraints and requirements for pipe upgrades, repairs and valve replacement works.
Our extensive experience with systems and specialised products to block and isolate fluid flow allows us to provide a cost-effective and time-saving solution. Our advice and thorough knowledge of the requirements of such operations can save our clients time and money.
Dealing with isolation and pressure testing often needs specialised methods and equipment which can be costly and take time. The experienced team of engineers and designers at 1300Inflate can help you save you time and money in your next pipe maintenance project.

Aircraft Maintenance

1300inflate has the experience to guide our clients to undertake Aircraft Maintenance tasks efficiently and cost-effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aircraft Maintenance Products We Provide:

  • How do we safely do soda blasting and painting of helicopters in our hanger without a permanent booth or cleanroom?

  • How do we do an engine change without taking the plane into the workshop?

  • How do we shelter our twin-engine aircraft while it is parked on the apron?

  • How do we ensure our UAV’s are housed adequately at their temporary location?

  • How do we service our aircraft while it is parked on the airfield of a small regional aerodrome?

  • How do we undertake a borescope inspection while the aircraft remains in an open field? 

Aircraft maintenance and repairs is a must for any owner or operator, no matter what the weather or location. At 1300Inflate, we understand the constraints and challenges of daily operations. We work with our clients to ensure that we find smart systems to assist them in becoming mobile, reactive, and agile in an increasingly competitive and complicated landscape.
Many of our clients need to conduct service operations in places where a conventional hanger is not possible or is cost-prohibitive. Others have a need only for a temporary or short term environmentally controlled room. Such accommodation is not cost or space effectively to have permanently installed. Our team can assist you in navigating the myriad of options.

Heavy Machinery Maintenance

Heavy machinery is expensive and costly to move for maintenance and repairs. We have the experience to enable that to happen where the machine lives.

Products We Design And Specify:

  • Abrasive blasting enclosures and booths for on-site cleaning

  • Mobile pop up workshops for temporary on-site maintenance or repairs

  • All-weather Tire and track change shelters for earthmoving equipment

  • Encapsulation systems for in the field engine maintenance

  • Encapsulation systems  to place around machinery for sound or environmental control

Maintenance of heavy machinery is often a daunting task for many industries and can be a challenging task to handle alone. 1300Inflate have created some industry-leading solutions for heavy machinery maintenance that have been proven to make this task more manageable. With specialised experience in the design of shelters and systems for mobile on-site operations, we can reduce risk, time and costs when your machines need maintenance.

Duct, Tunnel & Exhaust Maintenance

Common Products We Design and Specify

  • Duct sealing balloons for air, gas, and waste transfer ducting

  • Duct plugs for SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems

  • Inflatable Pipe Plugs for fluid transfer lines

  • Plugging systems for electrostatic precipitator Duct lines

  • Duct Cushions for temporary and backup sealing of inlet and outlet ducting for fabric filters

  • Tunnel blocking for safety and ventilation control

We offer Advice and Design for temporary and backup sealing of power plant filtration systems.
Inflatable duct plugs and balloons are pneumatic structures that are inserted into a duct or pipe and act as plugs, barriers, and isolating walls to enable repair and maintenance work to be undertaken in safety. 
They are commonly used as a supplement to help seal leaky dampers in many combined cycle power plant ducts and electricity-generating locations. Some of the most frequent uses of duct plug balloons are in SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems, FGD Flue Gas Ducting, HRSG Heat Recovery Steam Generator Stacks.


Exhaust and duct maintenance is an unavoidable occurrence for many industries. Cleaning and reconditioning these ducts, control louvres and exhausts can be challenging at the best of times, often requiring personnel to enter the pipe. Having personnel within a duct brings with it many occupational health and safety concerns that can be managed or mitigated with the help of innovative products. Giant Inflatables industrial specialises in risk reduction with over 20 years of industry experience. 
The expert team at 1300Inflate specialises in saving you time and money in your plant maintenance operations by sharing out extensive experience with plugging and isolation or plant.

Bridge & Railing Maintenance

We offer advice on operating maintenance operations in an environmentally safe way in all weather conditions

Common Problems In Bridge Maintenance We Address:

  • Containment of contaminates and toxic particulate.

  • Restoration blasting dust containment

  • Remediation and paint removal containment shelters

  • Dust collection.

The maintenance of Bridges and Railings usually involves the removal of lead-based paints and coatings on bridges, old railings, and barriers. This process creates toxic waste and particulate, which is a health and environmental hazard. The abrasive blasting of these surfaces requires specialised encapsulation to prevent pollutants and particulates being released into the surrounding environment.
1300inflate have worked with companies doing restoration and remediation works in challenging situations where creating a cost-effective and environmentally sensitive enclosure needs experience and foresight. Based on these experiences, we have the methods and systems to advise on suitable and cost-effective solutions for encapsulation and particulate capture.

Road Surfacing Maintenance

Roads and Aircraft Runways require planned and regular maintenance, upgrades and creation that needs to be undertaken in all weather conditions over sustained periods.

We Commonly Offer Advice And Solutions For:

  • Encapsulation systems for casting concrete continually in all weather conditions

  • Maintaining optimal moisture and temperature levels during concrete curing

  • Temporary shelters for machinery and staff

  • Temporary workshops

Concrete surface casting requires strict control of exothermic hydration reaction during the curing process. High specification concrete surfaces also need to be continually cast in a rolling cycle that takes place 24hours a day. Rain and cold and inclement weather can compromise the casting process. 1300Inflate designs and specifies systems and products that allow these processes to take place in a cost-effective and controlled manner.
Feel free to call on us to discuss your needs for Thermal Concrete Curing Blankets and Continuous Casting shelters systems.