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Plugging, Sealing & Isolation


    Plugging, Sealing & Isolation

    Pipe and duct plugs we design are cost effective and simple to use by untrained staff. Inflatable plugs and bungs are used for sealing airflow, water, or any other fluid flows. Our award winning designs  for   double block and bleed systems  enable safe servicing of  pipes and ducts and have been recognized as industry standards. The high-pressure inflatable pipe plugs we source for our clients are built to best practice and are all certified for use to pressures requested.

    The many uses of Inflatable pipe plugs and duct cushions include: –

    • Duct blocking cushions for precipitator and Fabric Filter inlet ducts.
    • Steam pipe blocking for pipe and valve services.
    • Air conveyer duct blocking for gate valve servicing
    • Hopper blocking to ensure tools and debris do not fall into the main hopper during service.
    • Stormwater outlets pipes blocking to service manholes and add lines.

    We Design Inflatables That Make Work Easy