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Mobile & Temporary Shelters



    Mobile & Temporary Shelters

    Our shelter and booth designs offer users the opportunity to become mobile or add flexibility to existing infrastructure. Mobile inflatable shelters are sensible and industry changing way to easily leverage your service by doing it your client’s premises. Temporary shelters add flexibility to your existing infrastructure by enabling you to add space for short term needs without the costs of fixed underutilized   space. The combination of mobile temporary shelters empowers service industries the luxury of having a workshop or warehouse right on site where you need it most.

    The many uses of Mobile and temporary shelters include: –

    • Temporary and climate-controlled storage of parts or raw materials for site operations away from your home base.
    • Site shelters for staff briefings or site offices.
    • On site workshops that allow all weather operations is a comfortable environment.
    • Keeping your clients environment clean by doing dirty work within an encapsulated space.
    • Working with hazardous materials in a controlled and environmentally safe manner.

    We Design Inflatables That Make Work Easy